About Us

Powerful Piano Origin Story:

Powerful Piano was created in 2020 by James Daly. James has over 15 years of experience teaching piano, theory, and composition to students of all ages. He received his bachelor’s degree in music from UC Berkeley with an emphasis on performance and composition under pianist Martha Wasley. James has also written dozens of piano works, chamber pieces, and orchestral music which has been played in multiple countries. James also studied at the University of Manchester and has performed classical repertoire across Europe as both a soloist and accompanist.

However, he is not what people think of when they picture a 'classical musician'. Despite being a lifelong musician, his life circumstances had put him in a position many similar youths find themselves in. Before turning 17 he was a high school dropout, working full time, and living on his own. It was a dedication to music that inspired him to pursue higher education to fulfill his potential. Despite the odds, he achieved a full ride scholarship for piano which he credits to 'truly saving his life'.

Music has given him so much and it is his mission to give back to every student that takes lessons with him. Whether it be at his school, San Ramon Academy of Music or via his online content.

He started the brand Powerful Piano to provide low cost learning resources and champion the power of classical music to minorities such as himself and other people that would not normally interact with it.

All of your purchases on this site go towards providing low cost and free alternatives to traditional music lessons. We award resources, instruments, mentorship, and more, to those in need that express a desire and ability to better themselves via music education.